Employment Opportunities in 2021

Looking for a career change in 2021? 

All CV's are to be sent to seamusennis@eechardware.ie

EEC Hardware are Extending and are looking for the following additional staff;

  • Goods Inwards ( Full-Time )

Please Note: Forklift Licence & Previous Experience Preferred.

  • Floor Staff (x2) (Full-Time)

Please Note: Experience Preferred but not mandatory as training is provided.


Additional Notes:

  • Only send CV's as excessive text is not required or preferred. Only CV's providing a relevant show of skills/experience, and anything previously stated to be required, will be reviewed.
  • Any CV's sent to any other address, (Facebook Messenger, Envelope, Carrier Pigeon), will not be reviewed. All CV's must be sent to Seamusennis@eechardware.com